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Kaufeee's Blog

Kaufeee 2020 New Years/ New Decade Party @ Nagskof 31 December 2019

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn @ Altstadt Swakopmund 22 December 2019

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn @ the Old Sailor in Swakopmund 21 December 2019

Kaufeee @ the Oktoberfest in Windhoek 25 & 26 October 2019

Kaufeee-Kapelle @ The Oktoberfest in Gobabis 19 Oktober 2019

Kaufeee-Kapelle @ The Oktoberfest in Uis 5 October 2019

Kaufeee @ Die Geheime Bendehuis 20 September 2019

Kaufeee @ Wha Wha @ The Millenial Party - Nagskof Windhoek 6 September 2019

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn @ The Hartlief Bistro 31 August 2019

Kaufeee & Zirk Jansen @ Schnitzel King Schlachtefest 24 August 2019

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn @ Maerua Mall Mr Price Court 10 August 2019

Kaufeee: The Market @ The Doc Jubber Fields 4 August @ 11h00

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn: Windhoek Officers Club 3 August 2019 @ 12h00

Kaufeee: Weisswurst Breakfast @ The Stellenbosh Tasting Room & Restaurant 3 August 2019 @ 08h00

Kaufeee & Zirk Jansen: Schnitzel King Birthday Party 13 July 2019 @ 12h00

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn: Altstadt Swakopmund Frühshoppen 22 June 2019 @ 11h00

Kaufeee & Brandon de Jager: Bushmanns Frühshoppen @ The Sport Klub Windhoek 8 June 2019 @ 11h00

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Kaufeee is a strong supporter of The Next Generation Conservation Trust Namibia.

The Next Generation Conservation Trust Namibia is one of the most ambitious efforts in the war on rhino and elephant poaching in Namibia.

Funded and driven by the Namibian business community, this not-for-profit trust has as its sole aim to put large swatches of Namibia under constant aerial surveillance.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are deployed in problem areas and either stay in the vicinity of protected animals to detect poachers in the area, or patrol conservancies and reserves to detect potential poachers - day and night.

Your support is also needed in this ambitious effort to conserve our animals for the next generation. Please support them generously.

Visit their website here: www.nextgenconservation.com